Bracelet or blood pressure cuff made of fabric or synthetic material, inside which is the air chamber, with dimensions (referred to the air chamber) of: o Width: 40-50% of the total circumference of the arm. The width multiplied by 2.5 defines the ideal arm circumference for that cuff.

This device consists of a soft rubber inflatable blood pressure cuff connected to a rubber bulb that is used to inflate the cuff and a gauge that records the cuff tension. The meter can be either a dial or a glass column filled with mercury.

Does the size of the blood pressure cuff affect blood pressure measurements?

Wearing a cuff that is too large or too small to take blood pressure can give inaccurate pressure measurement results. Your doctor’s office should have various cuff sizes to take pressure and ensure an accurate measurement.

When taking your blood pressure at home, it is important to wear the correct size cuff. The part of the cuff that is inflated to take pressure should cover approximately 40% of the distance around (circumference) the upper arm. The cuff should cover 80% of the area from elbow to shoulder.

If you are concerned about the cuff size or your blood pressure measurements, consult your doctor. You may need to take your pressure several times during your visit using the same cuff that is the correct size and on the same arm. An average of these pressure measurements will give you your “true” blood pressure for that visit.

How to place the blood pressurecuff of the blood pressure monitor on the arm?

You should place the cuff on your arm, two fingers above the elbow. It is usually placed on the left arm, due to its greater proximity to the heart, but it can be measured in both. If not placed in this position, 100% unreliable data may appear.




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