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Handheld 3nethra Aberro


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Daberro Hand-held Autorefractometer

The 3nethra aberro is a handheld autorefractometer equipped with the Shack-Hartmann Wavefront sensor aberrometry technology to detect visual acuity and refractive errors. It is used by an eye care professional to measure a person’s wide range of refractive errors and help prescribe glasses or contact lens. Due to its portable handheld feature, it is an ideal tool for mobile eye care such as community and home eye screening. The compact refractometer can also be mounted on a chin-rest stand to achieve more stability.


  • Enhances mobility for versatile clinical environments
  • Supports wireless and quicker operation
  • Enables shorter eye examination time
  • Allows eye examination in a supine position

  Technical Specifications

Spherical measurement range-14D to +14D, increments (0.25D)
Cylindrical measurement range-7D to 0D, increments (0.25D)
Axis measurement range0 to 180 degrees, with 1-degree increment
Minimum pupil diameter2.5 mm
Vertex distance19.5 mm
Patient age rangeAbove 5 years
Internal fixationLow spatial frequency sinusoidal grating with Gaussian envelope
Battery life8 hours with normal usage when fully charged
Display / connectivity3.5” color touch screen / USB and Bluetooth
TechnologyWave-front sensing
Power sourceAC 100 to 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Measurement time<5 seconds per eye
Weight / dimension650 g / 8.9” X 7.2” X 2.9”
Total weight11.1 kgs (3.4 kgs tricam + 7.7 kgs stand)
Internal storage memory300 measurements
Working environment lightAmbient light
CalibrationNot required
Battery packLithium-ion battery 3.6V, 6800 mAh
Additional featureTelemedicine compatible
Optional accessoriesBluetooth printer, portable stand
Standard accessoriesSuitcase, device charger





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Weight26 lbs
Dimensions10 × 9 × 4 in