Applanation Tonometer Type R With Digital Display HAT-003D

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Q Type

R Type

T Type

Applanation tonometer

SK-T / SK-R / SK-Q

  • Kpa, mmHg Measurement switching
  • Masurement data locking

Angular Contact

Spring Type

High Accurate Design

Angle contact type eccentric gravity balance design, one time higher accuracy than the spring design

  • Kpa, mmHg Measurement switching
  • Masurement data locking

Two Mode Reading

Digital display + machanical reading can be freely chosen according to user habits

Stereo Variator (Optional)

  • For Fundus Observation
  • Binocular Observation Angle from 13º to 4.5º
  • Twice Fundus Observation Field Increased
  • Better Stereoscopic Feeling
  • For LS-7/7S/7E

Observation directly

Observation directly

Yellow Filter (Optional)

  • Special Coating Technology, Excellent Dyeing Effect
  • I. Mode for LS-7/7S/7E
  • II. Mode for LS-3/4/5/6

Use other Filter

Use Yellow Filter

II. Mode

I. Mode


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