Digital Eyepiece Adapter For Slit Lamp HDA-008

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Adapter For Slit Lamp HDA008

High-Quality Digital Slit-lamp

Image taken using HDA008

Emrace high-quality imaging with Remidio Anterior Imaging Module

Record Everything !

HDA008 Adapter for slit lamp, converts any ordinary slit lamp into a high quality digital slit lamp. Leveraging the myriad features of a smartphone, HDA008 integrated high resolution optics ensure high quality images, without compromising on the depth of focus, allowing for high resolution imaging of the various layers of the anterior segment. Photodocumentation and patient education cannot get any simpler than this!

Universal Design

HDA008 Adapter for slit lamp is designed to work with most slit lamps with a minimum magnification of 3 steps and above. A simple attachment mechanism makes AIM easy to install.

What you see, is what you get

The ability to control the smartphone lens assembly for focus, correct color temperature of the light source, the depth of focus of the slit lamp, and bluetooth trigger to focus on the eyepiece – and not worry about the image captured on the smartphone.

Intelligent Mobile Application

The Patient Management App, together with the ability to store images on either a HIPAA compliant cloud server or a secure PACS server, enables traceability of the images taken on the module. The AIM app has unique AI ready features for algorithms that will be made available in future software upgrades.

Image taken using HDA008

Specifications: HDA008

Smartphone Apple Iphone 6
Camera Resolution Equal or greater than 80lp/mm
Focusing mechanism Manual Focus
Relative Humidity 10%-95%
Atmospheric pressure 700to 1060Hpa
Operating temperature 0-40 degree celcius
Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions (width) 100x168x191mm


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