Elite LCD Vision Chart Software (Monitor not included)

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No aiming!

No aiming! RF remotes are omni directional and not affected by line of sight obstacles. Use it anywhere in the examination room without aiming at the receiver.

Support more working distance, more responsive.

This is using a new generation of remote control technology in the field of ophthalmology.

Support more than Full HD

Support more than Full HD, maximum to 1 920* 1080, upon your screen. And perfect fit you screen.

Flexible power supply

Flexible power supply by any USB port or charger come with.

Smart calibration

Smart calibration,easy setup to compatible to any screen.

Acuity chart to fit you Dot by Dot display, make any pixels cell working for your testing!

Monitor not included

Specifications: Elite LCD Vision Chart Software
  • No computer need, no system need!
  • Just Plug and Play!
  • Only with a LED [Monitor]/LCD [TV] as you like, your full-function digital acuity chart is ready!
  • Any screen/monitor available, both HDMI and VGA port available.
  • support most of TV and monitor screen.
  • Full-function remote, In one step. One press, start!
  • Radio Frequency Wireless Remote Control.


Hans heiss

Hans Heiss
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