Operating Microscope HSM-680

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HSM-680 operating microscope is our latest researched product for ophthalmic surgery. Equipped with advanced motorized continuous zoom, the instrument can meet the needs of ZOOM magnification during the operation. The assistant scopes have tree ranges of magnification, and can be turned round the main scopes within 180° and be fixed at any angel. Camera and presenting facilities are useful for teaching and storing information, and video system is option to customers.


  • HS-16 use coaxial cold light source.
  • Light system is equipped with retina protection device, red reflex intensifier, filter of infrared.
  • It adopts 28 inclined illumination device which can be used for slit illumination, slit can revolve round the optical axis within 360°.
  • The assistant scope possess the step magnification of 6x, 10x, 16x. Also, it can revolve round the main scopes within 180°and fixed at any angle.
  • X/Y system automatically controllable , and the moving range of X/Y: 40mm.
  • Equipped with motorized bending or lifting adjustment construction, it is convenient for doctor to operate the instrument.
  • The instrument adopts spring counter balance at every fixed point. The performance is easy and
    flexible while stable and reliable.

Specifications: HSM680

Eyepiece 10X / 22B
Working Distance 200mmX
Main Scope Magnification 3.8X ~ 20X ZOOM
Assistant Scope Magnification 6X, 10X, 16X
Diameter of view-field 58mm ~ 11mm
Pupil Distance adjustable 55mm ~ 75mm ( continuously adjustable)
Diopter Adjustable ±6D
Fine-focus Speed & Range ≤2mm/s,≥40mm
X/Y Moving Speed & Range ≤2mm/s,≥40mmX 40mm
Illumination Type 6°+0°coaxial illumination of cold light source
Illumination Source 15V/150W, cold reflection halogen lamp
Illumination Adjustement ≥800000 LX
XENON Illumination OPTIONAL ≥1800000 LX
Extension Range of ARM 1200mm
Vertical Adjusting Range 450mm


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