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PD-180 Pupilometer ARGO




PD180, PD Meter is a precion optical instrument used to measure distance between pupils in the process of optometry for spectacles


This device is a scientifíc and reasonable design, consisting of measurement system, optical system, ESS and Computer software system into a whole.

  •  Using mechanical hairspring to level at the reflecting point of human cornea to realize the consecutive measurement. It features direct point-sampling and high accuracy of orientation.
  •  Adopting high-precision line-shaped sensors, advanced intellectualizedelectronic systems and digital display which allow the testing results more visible, legible and accurate.
  •  The design of LED lamp-house and low-power consumption ensurcthe prolonged Service life of batteries.
  •  It offers thc+2.00D compcnsation for the visual dcgrec.
  •  The brightness of LED lamp-house is adjustable.

Main Technical Indexes

Effective range of measurement:
  • Binocular pupillary distance: 45-82 mm
  • Left or right pupillary distance: 22.5-41 mm
Absolute valué ofindicated error0.5 mm
Absolute valué of asymmetrical error^ 0.5 nn
Absolute valué of rounding error0.5 mm
Distance of target30 cm
Power source
  • Voltage: DC 3.7V
  • Specification: lithium battery
  • Quantity: 1 pieces
Time for automatic shut-offAbout 0.5 minute after stopping operation, or a turn it off manually.
Size22 lmm(L) x 167mm(W) x62mm(H)

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions10 × 9 × 4 in



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