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Smart Chart System with full HD LCD PLC-8000


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Smart Chart system with Full HD LCD

  • 23(Regular), 24 Inch (Polaroid) High resolution chart
  • Full-HD TFT-LCD(1920×1080) panel / 16,7M Color 250cd/m²

Wide range of test
High Resolution LCD enables wide range of test 0.05 ~ 2.0

Adjustable test distance
Test distance is adjustable 1.0m ~ 6.0m by 0.1m

SMART intercommunication
Support both interface RS-232(Wired), Bluetooth(Wireless) for the compatibility with PDR-7000

Basic test / User setting program
Provide basic Program A and Program B which provides programmable 40 charts.

Enhanced R/G filter adjustment
Broaden range of R/G adjustment up to 96 levels enables optometrist to optimize the screen to fit in well
with environment for reliable binocular vision test.


Various color blindness test chart


Additional information

Weight25 lbs
Dimensions29 × 23 × 10 in



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