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Vision Screener HVS-001


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Vision Screener HVS-001.

Protecting vision by detecting abnormality.

The Cell vision screener V100 is a portable diagnostic device designed for clinicians to quickly detect vision abnormalities on patients from 6-month old to adults. Cell can screen both eyes at once from a distance of 1 meter. Once the pupils are in focus, the device will start to calculate automatically and deliver results within 1 second. The touch screen allows users to operate conveniently like using a smart phone.


  • Flip screen facilitate convenient vision measuring
  • Interesting sounds to attract children
  • Super user-friendly with minimal user training required
  • Automated screening provides thorough, objective, and easy-to-understand results
  • Capable of dealing with mass screening events
  • Wireless data transfer by wifi
  • Quickly deliver testing results in 1 second


Quick detection

Cell quickly detects the potential suspicion of following common problems:

  • Myopia (nearsightedness)
  • Hyperopia (farsightedness)
  • Astigmatism (blurred vision)
  • Anisometropia (unequal refractive power)
  • Strabismus (eye misalignment)
  • Anisocoria (unequal pupil size)

Patient Management Software

Mediview is the patient management system to help clinicians manage patient records and images and data collected by devices developed by MediWorks.

The testing result delivered by Cell can be quickly transferred to Mediview via wifi connection.


Model No.HVS001
Minimum Pupil Size4mm
Automated Distance Sensing100 cm ±5cm
Measuring RangeSPH -9.00D ~+7.00D in 0.25D/0.01D increments
CYL -3.00D ~+3.00D in 0.25D/0.01D increments
Pupil Size4~ 9mm,Accuracy 0.1mm
Pupil Distance35 ~ 80mm,Accuracy 0.1mm
Gaze Measurement0-20 Degrees
Measuring Time1 second
Data TransferWifi
Screen4.3″LCD touch screen
PowerLi-ion battery X2, 3.7V/3400mAh
Charging PortMicro USB
Power Adaptor100~240VAC,50/60HZ
Working Time5 hours
Charging Time5 hours
Infrared Illumination Spectrum800nm ~880nm
Fixation TargetAudible sound and flashing lights
Targeted Patientfrom 6-month infant to adults

Additional information

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Dimensions15 × 12 × 9 in


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